4 simple tips to have a happy year

The New Year is something of a fresh start. We drink champagne to celebrate another year come and gone then reflect upon the previous year.  Many of us kick off January 1st (or a few days later) with the optimism of a new year and clean slate to start over again.

But wherever you go, there you are again. Flipping a page on the calendar that won’t dramatically alter our day-to-day habits. For the average person change happens just a little at a time, incrementally, with baby steps.

Here are a few ideas, just some small changes you can do to improve your life, health, and happiness over the next year.


Stop procrastinating in 2 minutes

It’s a straightforward system that couldn’t be simpler to practice.  Most tasks that we procrastinate on aren’t laborious or time-consuming to do.  You have the ability, skill and time to accomplish them but, just avoid starting them for one reason or another.  Simple tasks like washing dishes after eating, hanging or folding laundry, sending an email, only take about 2 minutes – so do them immediately.  If it takes more then just start with 2 minutes, break down what it all entails and do it incrementally.  Once started you will find it’s much easier to continue and get in the zone, if not you’re 2 minutes ahead of where you were before.


Save time and say no

No doubt you’ve heard this before but this year do it. Your time and energy are valuable, spend them cautiously.  If you struggle with saying no, then have a pre-planned script and practice.  Being ready with a reply that is considerate, but still conveys a sturdy, “No” can get you out of any awkward situations.  Try something like, “Thank you so much for thinking of me.  This project/idea/offer sounds fantastic, but there is no way I could do it justice with my schedule/other reason right now.”


Utilize your gadgets

You’ve probably got a smartphone or a computer and spend plenty of time using them but are you using them to their full potential?  Headspace is a guided meditation app that makes it simple to follow and start with only 10 minutes a day.  If you’re balancing a family with multiple schedules, try Cozi to get everyone to the right place at the right time.  A grocery checklist app can reduce how often you go to the store, decrease food wastage thus saving money spent on it.  Try checking out specific apps such as Coles, Woolworth’s or Aldi’s if you tend to use the same grocer.  Or, check out other options on iTunes or Google play to find one that suits you such as sharing lists with family members or food substitution options when trying to diet or avoiding specific foods.  TripIt can keep your travel plans organized, like finding flights or booking confirmations, and makes it effortless to share that with the people who need to know. A budget manager app could be great to keep track of your money, create (and follow) a budget, and plan for the future (like previously mentioned vacations).  Taking full advantage of the technology accessible can simplify your life.


Schedule regular massage

Massage is known to reduce stress, alleviate pain, and enhance the quality of sleep.   All positive things. If you think you can’t spare the time or funds for massage, consider this: what’s it worth to give your family, friends, and co-workers a happier, more productive YOU?  (A lot. It’s worth a lot.) Regular can mean weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Whatever works for you is just fine, but stick to it. After you get a massage, I’ll always ask if you want to schedule your next appointment. Do it! You can call the clinic now at 02 9660 7222 or email pyrmont@chirohq.com.au to get started.