Enrico Sgarbossa


Maroubra Massage Therapist

Enrico personalises each appointment to his clients structural and emotional needs. Addressing both physical and stress related issues, using a variety of remedial massage techniques in addition to Acupressure point massage, Hot stones, Cupping and Rock Taping. Enrico can also incorporate breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness into each appointment.

Sports Chiropractor


Sports Chiropractor Maroubra You’re looking for a sports chiro. We can help. ChiroHQ Maroubra has a team of diverse and professional chiropractors, several with a sports chiropractic focus. Contact T: 9344 4233 E: Email More about Sports Chiropractic   How Chiropractors Help Boost Sports Performance Having all your joints and nerves working properly is essential … Continued

Top 5 Tips to Balance Blood Sugar and Prevent Diabetes

Did you know 280 Australians develop diabetes everyday? That’s one person every 5 minutes whose body cannot maintain healthy levels of glucose int he blood. Diabetes is a complex condition which can affect the entire body. Diabetes requires daily self care and if complications develop, diabetes can have a significant impact on quality of life … Continued

Inflammation & Chronic Pain

Inflammation is a normal body function and an important part of healing. Generally, it’s triggered by the immune system, which stimulates different cells and proteins—such as white blood cells—to help repair any damaged tissue (from an injury, for example) or eliminate the threat of an invader (such as a viral infection). Telltale signs of inflammation include … Continued

Mama’s, Treat Yo Self!!!

More often than not, when it comes to self-care and support, mothers miss out. Not by design, but by default; when the needs of other family members – especially children – can take priority. But this is not sustainable. The needs of a mother are just as important. Of course, our little ones deserve attention, … Continued

Mother’s Day Breakfast!

Treat your Mum to breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day should simply be all about her! So we recommend starting the day off right by making your Mum a delicious breakfast in bed! To help you show your mum just how special she is this Mother’s Day, we have provided you with one of … Continued

Mai Takano


Massage Therapist

Mai uses a variety of deep and soft tissue massage techniques, along with active trigger point and PNF stretching to rebalance and rejuvenate her clients

Sarah McMahon

Maroubra Chiropractor

Sarah is passionate about sports and rehabilitation. She loves helping people to perform their best whether that’s at the gym, at the golf course or just in day to day life.

Dr Joshua Kassis


Maroubra Chiropractor

Joshua holds a Masters of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Chiropractic Science from Macquarie University. He also holds SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique) and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) qualifications.

Dr Misha Ilijasevic

Misha Ilijasevic-min-1

Maroubra Chiropractor

Misha is a strong advocate of educating and empowering individuals and families with knowledge about their body and where true health comes from. He thrives on watching individuals and family’s health and wellness improve under Principle Chiropractic Care.