Is sitting destroying your back?

Sitting on the job   As the workforce has shifted from factories to offices, the incidence of back pain has increased dramatically. Researchers blame this increase on one simple activity that we do all the time – sitting. Our bodies were not designed to sit for long periods of time. We were made to move. … Continued

4 simple tips to have a happy year

The New Year is something of a fresh start. We drink champagne to celebrate another year come and gone then reflect upon the previous year.  Many of us kick off January 1st (or a few days later) with the optimism of a new year and clean slate to start over again. But wherever you go, … Continued

Treating the real cause of your Tension Headaches

  The number one type of headache is tension which is caused by stress and/or tightness of muscles in the head and neck. They characteristically feel like a pressure or tightness usually on both sides of the head and are mild to moderate, not severe such as migraine headaches. Particular advertisements provide slightly misleading information … Continued