Stress and Adrenal Health: Top 5 Tips for Staying Well​

The effects of stress will often creep into your life without much notice – show up as short term sleeplessness, irritability or sugar cravings – but can, over time, influence more serious health conditions such as heart disease and metabolic disorders. Nurturing adrenal health, and improving your body’s response to stress, is an important measure … Continued

Let’s Talk About Sex

I’ve been asked to write a little something about sex. Doing it! Or rather, not doing it i.e. what’s happening when you’re not in the mood. I often chat to patients and friends alike who joke about feeling lacklustre in the sack, having to fend off their amorous partner, or having to ‘really work’ to … Continued

Whats the beef with meat and cancer?

  National Cancer Day Maroubra 9344 4233 Pyrmont   9660 7222 BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NATIONAL CANCER DAY February 4th What’s the beef with meat and cancer?  A couple of years ago, the World Health Organisation released a report on meat consumption and cancer risk, which turned a lot of heads. The report was compiled by … Continued