Breaky Muffins

Hillier Windsor’s Healthy Christmas Breaky!


I don’t claim to be a Nigella in the kitchen or a Pete Evans for that matter but I do have this clever, healthy little Christmas morning recipe up my sleeve. Truth is I use it all year but it’s so good it’s worth a mention especially for those of you who are running around Christmas Morning!

After all, the last thing you want to be doing on Christmas morning is cooking and cleaning long before the actual cooking and cleaning of Christmas Day begins. Not to mention, the second last thing you want is to forgo a decent breakfast because time is a factor and have kids hyped up on a sugary breakfast cereal. So give these a try and know the kids (and you) have had a nutritious breaky filled with veggies, protein and good fats to sustain everyone through the day.

Extra handy is that these can be munched on in one hand while tearing through wrapping paper with the other. No one needs to sit down at the breakfast table, no cleaning up plates afterwards. These are easy enough for mum to eat while getting on with all the ‘stuff to do’ before guests arrive. Hooray for breakfast finger food ??

For an even easier Christmas morning these can be made the night before. I just keep them in the fridge then heat them up in the oven or you can eat them cold too.


SAVOURY BREAKFAST MUFFINS  (we call them Eggy Cakes in our house. False advertising or clever parenting…you decide)

They are gluten free, sugar free, could easily be made vegetarian too.

The combination of veggies is really up to you and it’s not a precious recipe that requires exact amounts of anything. Use what’s in the fridge or garden. I love adding grated sweet potato too.I sometimes just do heaps of herbs from the garden of the fridge is bare but I could go on and on. Here is what I used today…


This made 12 muffins…plenty for all morning snacking and present opening.

*8 free range eggs

*small packet of nitrate free bacon roughly chopped *two handfuls of mushrooms roughly chopped *about a cup of finely chopped silverbeet *large zucchini grated *large handful of parsley roughly chopped *large handful of chives roughly chopped *cup of grated cheese (sometimes I just add chunks of feta to the mix…yum!) *muffin tray *baking paper cut into squares *salt and pepper to taste


Preheat the oven to 180C.

Push the squares of baking paper into the muffin tray. I use whatever fruit is lying around to hold the paper in place until the mixture is poured in. You could use glasses to. Do this step first because it helps the baking paper stay put when you’re trying to add the mixture. You could use cupcake patty pans but I find that the mixture sticks to the inside once cooked. Maybe add a spray of coconut oil if you choose to use patty pans.