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4 simple tips to have a happy year

The New Year is something of a fresh start. We drink champagne to celebrate another year come and gone then reflect upon the previous year.  Many of us kick off January 1st (or a few days later) with the optimism of a new year and clean slate to start over again. But wherever you go, … Continued

New Year Reboot

  Welcome to 2017! Start your year off well with these great tips! In this newsletter: The top 3 things to do to EAT, MOVE and THINK well in 2017.   Welcome to another year of health and potential in 2017! This is the time of year when everyone is looking to reboot after the … Continued

Breaky Muffins

Hillier Windsor’s Healthy Christmas Breaky!   I don’t claim to be a Nigella in the kitchen or a Pete Evans for that matter but I do have this clever, healthy little Christmas morning recipe up my sleeve. Truth is I use it all year but it’s so good it’s worth a mention especially for those of … Continued

Research: Chiropractics impact on Strength, Fatigue and Muscle.

“RESEARCH SHOWS THAT CHIROPRACTIC CARE CAN INCREASE STRENGTH, DECREASE FATIGUE AND IMPROVE THE BRAIN’S ABILITY TO DRIVE MUSCLES.”   “What we can say based on this study is that when we adjust subluxations, we improve strength, we prevent fatigue and we change the way the brain drives our muscles. That’s pretty cool” said Heidi Haavik, … Continued

Herbal Medicine Highlights – Turmeric

Terrific Turmeric! It has become highly sought after for its Anti-Inflammatory properties but does this humble culinary hold more for us? When common cooking herbs or foods are used as medicine the key factor that changes them from foods to functional herbal medicine is all in the concentration of active constituents or the chemicals in … Continued

Treating the real cause of your Tension Headaches

  The number one type of headache is tension which is caused by stress and/or tightness of muscles in the head and neck. They characteristically feel like a pressure or tightness usually on both sides of the head and are mild to moderate, not severe such as migraine headaches. Particular advertisements provide slightly misleading information … Continued

Is it ok if I crack my own neck?

  At ChiroHQ we hear all the time of how good it feels when someone cracks his or her own neck. This is not surprising as an adjustment increases neural activity and blood flow to the adjusted area. You know that feeling when you stretch your neck so far you hear a click and suddenly … Continued