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The Safety Pin Cycle

  What does a safety pin have to do with getting my back “cracked?” Allow me to explain….   The safety pin cycle is a simple analogy used to explain the amazing, incredible power of your nervous system and the equally astonishing neurological interactions that occur when you receive an adjustment from your chiropractor.   … Continued

Coconut and Blueberry Overnight Oats

With the Back-to-School and Back-to-Work rush, mornings have become quite hectic for everyone. Dr. Gina has found a fantastic breakfast for when there’s no time to cook and no time to eat! Taken from the Food Matters® recipe book, this breakfast can be made the night before and eaten on the go!  (Vegetarian, Gluten free, … Continued

For the 9-5ers who sit too long

There are heaps of scientific evidence that show long periods of sitting is terrible for our long term health but sometimes it’s quite difficult to get away from the desk. There’s been some good news for the folks who have a sedentary desk job but want to maintain their health! A new study from the … Continued

In other news

It’s back to school time! All the little ones picking up their school bags and heading… straight for back pain?!? Research published in international journals shows that heavy backpacks are strongly linked with back pain and back pathology in school aged children. A study conducted by the Chiropractic Association of Australia revealed 90% of school … Continued

What’s happening at the Clinic

We’re excited to announce that Dr. Evan is getting certified in Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET). He will be 1 of 40 people in Australia to be certified in this technique, however sadly he will be away from 25th January to 14th February 2016 achieving this. Curious about what NET is? Drop by the clinic to grab … Continued

The Chocolate Conundrum!

With Easter coming up at the end of the month, there is the temptation to dive head into a pile of egg and bunny shaped chocolates, all wrapped in pretty shiny foil. Unfortunately, most conventionally made chocolates are filled with additives, preservatives, artificial flavouring and enough sugar to send your average child bouncing off the … Continued

Feeling stressed out?

Is it nearly Easter already? Wasn’t Christmas just a few weeks ago? Oh that’s right! We have an early Easter this year. With time flying by so fast and Easter not coinciding with mid semester break, there must be quite a few stressed out mums and dads running around. In between being unpaid chauffeurs and … Continued

Why kids should sit less and stretch more

School has started for almost a month now which means all the children have been doing a lot more sitting than they have been during the summer holidays. A study conducted late last year discovered that children sitting for more than three hours without a break can result in a severe decline (by 33%) in … Continued