New Year Reboot


Welcome to 2017! Start your year off well with these great tips!

In this newsletter: The top 3 things to do to EAT, MOVE and THINK well in 2017.


Welcome to another year of health and potential in 2017!
This is the time of year when everyone is looking to
reboot after the festivities of late 2016.
The most popular thing to do is create the good old “New Year Resolution” list which involves giving up a lot of stuff. We all know how that usually ends up. Will power
generally gets us through the first week of January before the old habits kick in.
It should be called Resolution Week as that’s how long it lasts.
So – we thought we’d point out the most effective pathway to change is start by
ADDING healthy things to our lives first, rather than try and force ourselves to SUBTRACT things we know aren’t serving us, but we currently enjoy.
Before we give you the top 3 things to do to EAT, MOVE and THINK WELL in 2017
it’s important to know why you might make those choices. You need to have
powerful anchors to make it easy to make those choices. Rather than give up
things you like, and adding things you don’t like, try changing what you like!
Anchoring exercise – make a list of all the possible negative consequences of not choosing to add the healthy food, activity or thought and a list of all the positive consequences of actually choosing it. Read these lists out loud for 30 days
straight – it will help reprogram what you like and don’t like!


Drink more water
We are over 60% water and clean water is essential for every cell in our body. It participates in everything from metabolic reactions to detoxing to lubricating joints.
Gold standard requirement is 1L for every 25kg of body weight per day.


Fresh Fibre First
Always choose some fresh, raw (or lightly steamed) vegetables, and/or fruit before
any other food choice. Eg if you are going to have the Mars bar, no problem, but
have a carrot first! (see if you still feel like the Mars bar after that…)


Choose Grass fed meats
These contain healthy omega 3 essential fats rather than grain fed meats with
omega 6 fats that tip the balance toward dysfunction and sickness.
Start walking. Brisk walking is low impact, great for your spine, provides aerobic activity, can be social, stimulates the brain, and detoxifies the body. Try walking
instead of sitting meetings. At least 30-40 mins every day.
Take your joints through a full range of movement every day! Joints are
made to move. Without movement they literally rust. Postural
exercises to break sitting patterns are great.
Do some form of resistance exercise every 3 days. Maintaining muscle and strength are vital to stay functional and age normally, and maintain healthy weight. Start
with bodyweight exercises such as squats and push ups (on knees or feet).
Remember that you can always choose your own thoughts. No one can “make” you have a certain thought. And it is
your thoughts determine your
Turn off all your devices for a whole
half an hour a day. That’s right just breath, be aware and re-centre.
Remember to be grateful. Make a gratitude list – a good time to think
of all the things you are grateful for
is last thing at night before you go
to bed and/or first thing before
you get out of bed.
Finally, if you make an unhealthy choice, at least choose to not feel guilty about it!
What’s new at CHIROHQ?
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and how they could help you improve your quality of life.
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