Is it ok if I crack my own neck?


At ChiroHQ we hear all the time of how good it feels when someone cracks his or her own neck. This is not surprising as an adjustment increases neural activity and blood flow to the adjusted area. You know that feeling when you stretch your neck so far you hear a click and suddenly there’s a lovely warm feeling of relaxation pouring over your neck. Ahhhh so good!
Unfortunately while self-adjusting can feel really nice and relieving at the time it can actually cause you more harm than good in the long term. To start with it’s HIGHLY unlikely that you are “cracking” the segment that’s actually restricted- one causing the pain or stiffness. In most cases you hear a “crack” from a joint that’s already moving perfectly well.
This kind of self-adjusting can cause hypermobility (too much movement) of segments, ligamentous strain and even damage to our precious discs.

When you see your Chiropractor they are specially trained to detect the restricted joint and apply an appropriate adjustment to get it moving.
So where possible leave the “cracking” to the pro’s! Get checked by your local chiro and enjoy that amazing feeling of restored joint motion, muscle relaxation, improved mobility whilst knowing that you’re in safe hands!!