The Safety Pin Cycle


What does a safety pin have to do with getting my back “cracked?”

Allow me to explain….


The safety pin cycle is a simple analogy used to explain the amazing, incredible power of your nervous system and the equally astonishing neurological interactions that occur when you receive an adjustment from your chiropractor.


Unfortunately so many people simply do not understand what Chiropractic is, what it does or how truly safe and incredible beneficial it is. It is my mission to show you the beauty and wonder of the power already existing inside you!


Many people seek Chiropractic when they are in pain, have tried other therapies or no longer feel relief from drugs. Read on and discover why every person you have ever met, even those that feel amazing, need to get their spine checked!!

Your brain is the control centre of your body; it controls everything- every organ, muscle and joint in your body not to mention monitoring and correcting tissue oxygenation levels, blood pH levels, respiration rates and the list goes on and on.

For example think of the last time you cut yourself did you have to concentrate really hard about that cut healing or did your super intelligent body take care of it for you? What about the last time you went for a run and your incredible intelligent body released a whole lot of sweat to help cool you down and regulate your internal body temperature….helpful huh?


So now we understand that the body is constantly self healing and self regulating to ensure you have optimal levels of health and wellness it would make sense that something that interferes with the brain-body communication would be a bit of a problem…..right?

What could possible be interfering with your brain- body connection? “Stressors”

Stressors may be physical, mental, emotional, nutritional or chemical and can result in disconnections or subluxations in your body. Subluxation is simply a term many chiropractors use to describe a joint that has become restricted in movement.

So back to our safety pin- think of the round end of the pin as your body and the top that opens and closes as your brain. An open safety pin represents a message between the brain and body that is interfered with. The role of your chiropractor is to detect and locate such disconnections/ subluxations and remove via an adjustment. This helps restore the optimal connection between your brain and your body ie our closed safety pin, which represents a fully functioning circuit between your brain and body.